Monday, August 15, 2005


...I think there was a mention of me and the blog in the Sunday Tribune yesterday, but I can't be sure, because nowhere around here sells it. Anyway, I had a journo ringing me up at work last week. The guy had figured out from the blog, reading between the lines, my name, home town and job. The problem was, his Dublin accent was so thick that it took me about five minutes just to figure out he wasn't trying to sell me advertising space. As such, my interview technique, honed from years of sitting the other side of the dictaphone, was a Van Morrison-like wall of surly communication breakdown. "You don't want to do a feature on me. Why'd you want to do a feature on me?" Repeat and rinse. So anyway, I'm none the wiser. There may have been a feature on Irish bloggers in the Tribune yesterday, and I may have been one of them. Guess I'll never know.