Monday, August 22, 2005

The greatest book ever told

Once upon a time when I was young and full of hot creative spunk I (and a couple of similarly minded individuals) published a mini-comic called ROCK'N'ROLL APPRECIATION SOCIETY (It was great, by the way. Sometimes people get drunk and still ask me about it. That, and the movie I was in. But that's another story, he said coyly). On the back of one issue was a bunch of fake blurbs, an overly common comedic device now, but less-so then. And I'll paraphrase one now: "this is quite simply the greatest literary achievement ever. Someone should break in to every hotel room on the planet and replace every Gideon's Bible with a copy of this instead."

I now take that sentiment back, refute it completely. All the Gideon's Bibles should be switched with a copy of SWIMINI PURPOSE instead.
Strive, strive to get a copy, my children! Then tear out your eyes lest you accidently read another book!