Saturday, June 04, 2005

WHO-Blog, part XI

Y'know the damn fools who annoy me? The ones who say "yeah sure, DOCTOR WHO, it's alright for a kid's show. That's all it ever really was, a kid's show".

Russell T Davies' WHO may be just "a kid's show", but it's been a kid's show whose major theme, and most frequently returning leitmotif, is death. Ye can't say that about BYKER friggin' GROVE, can you? This time it was death, the possibility of change, and rebirth (foreshadowing the forthcoming lifecycle of the titular time lord, I'm sure).

This episode was also, shamelessly, a love letter to Cardiff, a city that physically reminds me of Belfast, in that it seems to be defining itself by building new landmarks, and claiming a new identity through them. Escaping the past through exciting architecture. Good for it.

Next week: digs at reality TV, and gigantic fleets of Daleks. Groovy!