Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hello, Dave

Saw THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN: APOCALYPSE at the cinema today. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it over, say, re-watching a DVD of the Christmas Special from a couple of years ago. Now that rocked.

Noted a couple of things: first, that though they tried damn hard, they ultimately failed to maintain a worthwhile lengthy narrative. And secondly, it reminded me of how Mark Gatiss's character, the vet Matthew Chinnery, was the real star of the show when TLOG was based on the radio. Unfortunately, and presumably due to budgetary constraints, his stock-in-trade of accidental maiming of zoo animals was never fully exploited on the TV version. The funniest thing, by far, in the movie is his sequence (a giraffe, a semen sample, electricity... you can guess the rest). If this had been merely a straight up, larger budget, extended version of the TV show, set entirely in Royston Vasey, without any interruptions of post-modern tomfoolery, it may have been a far better film.