Monday, May 30, 2005

Today, I've been spring cleaning...

...Yeah, I know I've left it late, what with it being summer in about two days. But as I did the long overdue tidy-up, I've been grooving to Ryan Adams and The Cardinals' COLD ROSES. Now, this is a double album in excelsis. Everything you've ever thought, pro or con, about double albums is true about this one.
Prefer the rockier second disc over the other, like with PHYSICAL GRAFFITI? Check.
Reckon it's pretty damn good as a double, but that it would have made an absolute classic single album, like THE WHITE ALBUM? Check.
Guitar sound lifted wholesale from LAYLA AND OTHER LOVE SONGS, another personal favourite (if utterly unfashionable) double album? Check.
Ends with a hidden, uncredited and thoroughly unrepresentative track a la LONDON CALLING? Check.

So there you go: Ryan Adams - he ain't consistent, but ya gotta love him anyway.