Saturday, May 07, 2005

Pulled myself up out of the gutter...

...just long enough to watch the latest DOCTOR WHO. I know what THE SUN's only decent writer Ally Ross means when he says the show is "rather pointlessly left wing". So presumably he'll blow his top at tonight's episode, a rather Nigel Kneale-ian piece about the media controlling our minds. In short, the pitch would have been "What If Rupert Murdoch was really Cthulu?".

Actually quite boring in stretches, plus yet another denouement where the Doctor doesn't actually do anything because he's trapped/tied up, leaving the real action to a guest star (even if it was a really hot guest star, Christine Adams). That said, there was also a sense that the two biggest guest stars in this episode, Simon Pegg and Tamsin Greig, were rather criminally under-used, too.

Now fuck it. I'm going back on my bender. Then I'm going to steal a car and do doughnuts in the Free Presbyterian church car-park. That'll learn 'em.