Wednesday, May 04, 2005

dude, your movie kicks ass!

Just saw TORQUE, and found myself enjoying it. Yes, it was dumb as a box of frogs, but it knew it, and winked right back at ya. Plus, it was beautifully photographed, and if I was Matthew Vaughn, I'd see if I could hire its costume designer for X-MEN 3.

I'm getting quite high hopes for Vaughn's take on this movie after this quote: "I wanted the villains to be less, sort of, what's the word? At the moment I think there's a lot of mustache-twirling in the last films and I want to get rid of that and make the villains really scary and more realistic". Yup, that was my main problem with the first movie: Magneto would not create a giant death-ray to turn everyone into a mutant. That's what a Bond villain would do. Magneto would just build death camps and enslave everybody. That's the whole point of making the dude a holocaust survivor: it's meant to be tragic and ironic, how he just can't see that he's doomed to take part in the cycle of abuse.