Friday, May 06, 2005

black dog

It's one motherfucking bad day to be an Ulsterman. Politically, the place is now divvied up between the fascists and the Jesus freaks. The thugs and the zealots. I haven't wanted out of this shithole so badly since that whole Drumcree clusterfuck.

Hoo-fucking-ray. This must be how what it felt like in Berlin in 1932, only substitute the name "Heinrich Bruening" for "David Trimble". Can't believe I'd end up feeling sorry for that eedjit (see also: Drumcree, even if the guy went on to redeem himself somewhat), but if I was him, I'd be on the phone to Tony Blair right now organising my knighthood, and saying "screw you guys, I'm going home" in my best Eric Cartman impersonation.

And still I go back to STAR WARS to help explain this away. In the immortal words of George Lucas: "This is how Democracy ends, with Thunderous Applause."