Tuesday, March 08, 2005

why I love Mike Mignola

D'y'wanna know what was the scariest part of the HELLBOY DVD was for me?

It wasn't the scary monsters.
Or the creepy locations.
Or the squeeky-gate music...

It was the fact that Mike Mignola looked like he was having so much fun working as part of a team, during the pre-production and production diaries.
Aw crap, I thought. He's never going to want to be chained to a drawing desk alone again. We've lost him for all eternity. Buggeration.  I still might be proved right, but here's some good news: looks like there'll be at least some more work outta the old grouch yet. And there's one of the great quotes of 2005 so far: "Don't mess with me lady, I've been drinking with skeletons". Genius.