Wednesday, March 30, 2005

up in the attic, digging for gold

I'm starting to enjoy my little jaunts up into the attic, to rummage through my longboxes to see what I'm going to sell on eBay next (mention my blog when you checkout with Paypal, and I'll include a special little surprise!), by the cold white light of a flourescent strip. But I've also realised that I've got some strange personal favourites that I just can't bring myself to part with. Stuff that a rational person would regard as being some of the first things to try and get rid of. Some things I won't necessarily even admit to. Stuff that doesn't even have entries at the Grand Comic Book Database.

Maybe the only guilty pleasure I'll mention now is Steven Grant/Vince Giarrano's 1994 series Manhunter. It was on one level, a far-too-late, shoddy attempt by DC Comics to revamp a much abused heritage character in a thin pastiche of the already-dated Image Comics house style. But on another, it was some decent storytelling by two under-rated journeymen (Grant continues to be one of my favourite commentators on his industry, and was the author of one of my all-time favourite individual comics, The Punisher Vol. 1, issue 1, as good an example of that old chestnut, the prison-set thriller, as you'll get in any medium). Giarrano is great, maybe a bit too rough edged for U.S. tastes, but if I was editor of 2000AD, I'd hire the guy in a flash.

Okay, I admit it: it was crap. Well, I liked it anyway.