Friday, March 18, 2005

more high powered EBAY shenanigans

So, I sold a load of Johnny Romita Jr-era UNCANNY X-MENs to someone with a Shepperton Studios e-mail address. One quick check on IMDB, and it turns out she was the sound editor on ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR and LOVE, ACTUALLY. Wonder if she's working on X-MEN 3 with newly-appointed Brit director Matthew Vaughn?

And not only that, but a guy bought a load of really top-notch stuff in the same round of auctions (Frank Miller DAREDEVILs, Sienkiewicz NEW MUTANTS, some Kent Williams/JJ Muth stuff, too). There I was thinking, this guy's got good taste, he's bidding on some of my coolest stuff. Turns out the guy's postal address is Rockstar North Games. I google his name, and he's one of the main character designers of the GRAND THEFT AUTO games. Which, of course, rock my world. That, to me, is just as exciting as selling comics to that guy out of The Beatles who bought IDENTITY CRISIS.

So there you go, that's me: officially Comics Retailer By Appointment To The Great & The Good.