Friday, March 04, 2005 new stuff from Amazon, too

After reading last month's issue of PREVIEWS (is reading the right verb? does anyone actually read it? Skimming is probably more accurate), I've been checking out the work of this guy BEN CALDWELL, and not just 'cus his name sounds a bit like mine. He comes from a background in illustration, yet his work seems steeped in the field of animation, being one part Bruce Timm's dynamicism (and eye for cheescake!) to one part Don Bluth's whimsy. Anyway, he's great, so I'd ordered both his DARE DETECTIVES books, and his first "How-To" book, ACTION! CARTOONING, because I'd love to (re)learn how to draw, for the amusement of Ciara and Ellen, primarily. Turns out the guy is a pretty good (and very articulate) educator, too.

ACTION! CARTOONING and THE DARE DETECTIVES 1.1 arrived today. Very good, even if DARE DETECTIVES is a tad uneven, and does sometimes read a bit like a pitch to Cartoon Monsoon. His "how-to" book is very inspiring: think I'll order its upcoming sequel, FANTASY! CARTOONING, too. There'll be no stopping me! I'll be the next Rob Liefeld!