Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Well, that's fucken torn it

Okay, so I just made the guts of a hunnerd squids flogging comics on eBay, and I was thinking about doing some cross-promotion, by sticking a link to the blog on it. Y'know, increase the ol' profile. Become an interweb ace-face. But FAAHK! then I realised: I'm selling some comics I've slagged off in the past. If I linked to the blog, some clever fahking cahnt might fahking actually read my drunken opinions on the comics I'm flogging, and realise I'm selling them 'cus they're shite. As opposed to what I've said on the blog: that I'm selling them to cover me medical bills. Bollox. Now I'll never shift those bleedin' ASTONISHING X-MEN.