Sunday, February 20, 2005

these are just some of my favourite things... doooo dootleoot dooo doot doot doot dootleoot doo

That was my John Coltrane impersonation. In text form. Really.

Now I realise I'm horribly behind the curve here, but I just thought I'd heavily recommend Happiness in Magazines, by Graham Coxon. Just got given it, and it's bloody brilliant. The singles, Spectacular and Freakin' Out were both damn fine, yet I'd never felt inclined to actually, y'know, buy the long player. So when it's handed to me, and turns out to be the finest record I've heard in a couple of years, it reminds me of how little actual new music I bleedin' buy these days. Not a skippable track on the disc, and when was the last time you thought that?

Also, I've came across a comics blog I really enjoyed, and heartily recommend: GraphiContent. This is what my comics coverage would be like if I had less going on in my life, and had the time to write the longform comics criticism I think the medium deserves. Here's hoping these cats can maintain a tight schedule and deliver enough content to keep up a sense of momentum.  I always bloody think, instead of just taking a mental note of how I think Kirby's New Gods has so much important subtextual stuff going on, wouldn't it be great instead to get the actual issues out of the long box, grab a pen and a notebook, and get stuck in properly. But instead, I'll have to work, or babysit, or hit the gym, or worse, get dragged along to the pub. Friggin' real life.

Oh, and one more thing to recommend: 100 Things I Love About Comics by Alan David Doane. This guy, along with his partners in crime, is also one of my favourite online comics journalists. He's got great taste, isn't a snob, and calls a spade a spade. And this piece, and its accompanying text feature, is, again, the sort of labour of love I'd like to have the time to work on.