Sunday, February 27, 2005

SKY CAPTAIN and the blah blah blah

So, got round to watching SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW as well.
It was okay. A good Sunday night film, where you didn't have to think too much. As it went on, I found myself warming to it considerably. Sure, the script was just a bunch of old SF pulp staples hastily knocked together, but the performances were largely likeable, and it was easy to just get carried away by the tremendous visual stylings. I especially liked the British mobile airstrip: it was like a Frank Hampson design made real.

But with every clunky line of dialogue, I kept thinking, wouldn't it be good with the crew that made this were working on another project, with a proper script? And then I kept thinking of things they should've done instead. Then it came to me. An adaptation of Philip K Dick's "The Man In The High Castle". If Conran's looking for another project to develop after his Rice Burroughs JOHN CARTER OF MARS movie, and wanted to do something with a bit more teeth and brains, that's the kinda thing he should be considering.