Sunday, February 13, 2005

Lying liars and the hilarious lies they tell

Man, but the comics news site Newsarama has been unintentionally hilarious recently. Its been turned over to the guest editorship of Marvel EIC, Joe Quesada. Now this site is usually ran on a diet of puff-pieces and arse-kissing anyway, but JQ has taken this to new depths of self-congratulation, back-slapping, and glad-handing. The best bit is when he and Brian Bendis moan about how "damaging" Rich Johnston is to the comics biz. The fact is, the comic biz divides into two camps on this: fans (who love Rich) and pros (who hate and fear him, but who will happily use his services for publicity or payback whenever it suits). I'm a fan, so I love the guy. Mark Waid, however, is a pro, and clearly doesn't.

I love a good catfight.