Monday, February 07, 2005

I Steve Ditko

In his latest column, Rich Johnston points out a strange line in criticism against the SPIDERMAN 2 film: some weirdoes who hold a grudge against the daughter of his landlord, who, after the world has completely kicked the wind out of his sails, offers Peter Parker some cake. They dwell on her mole, and pick on the colour of her cake, of all things. Congrats, losers, because you've reminded me of something else I hated about that movie.

The ghastly, money-grabbing landlord and his sweetheart of a daughter were grotty east-european stereotypes called DITKOVICH. I thought this was somewhere between mean and rotten: Steve Ditko has his faults, but he was the co-creator of the character, damnit! If anything in the show was going to be named after him, it should have been something grand and venerable, a museum or a college or something, not some bullying grotbag! Fucking Marvel, always letting you down.