Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Will Eisner R.I.P.

Y'know what I was saying last year about missing the news for a couple of days, and the world goes to hell in a handcart? Well, my computer was down with a virus for less than a week, and all kinds of crazy shit happens.

Will Eisner dead, not only a great artist and writer, but also comics' greatest theorist. A great role-model, too, as a creator and a businessman. Fathered the "graphic novel", arguably: never got his fingers burned in the work-for-hire inferno that ruined so many of his contemporaries.

Frank Miller, his foremost disciple at one point I suppose, back on the character that paid for his New York apartment in All Star Batman. No one wants to build their hopes up again after his last anti-climactic encore on the character, but here's crossing my fingers anyway.

S'pose it'd be a good time to finally order this from Amazon, then.