Friday, January 28, 2005

A reader writes...

Got an email from one of my loyal readers the other day. Now, she reckons my recent comments on Joss Whedon's recent ASTONISHING X-MEN weren't entirely sincere. In fact, her words were "dripping with sarcasm".

Oh for fucks sake, deary. What do you want from me? Honesty? OKAY, IT'S A LOAD OF WAFER THIN, PISS WEAK, MONKEY'S TICKET! MORE HAPPENED IN SEVEN PANELS OF WATCHMEN THAN IN SEVEN ISSUES OF THIS CRAP! IT'S CONTENT TO JUST REMIND YOU OF WHAT YOU LOVED ABOUT UNCANNY X-MEN AS A KID, AND THEN RIDES HOME ON A WARM FUZZY WAVE OF SENTIMENTALITY!  If Morrison's NEW X-MEN was a hilarious big beat remix of Claremont's great years, Whedon's AXM is a cloying Daniel O'Donnell cover version. Its a waste of a good writer who's just phoning it in, and a fuckin' brilliant artist who should be finishing fuckin' PLANETARY.

Fuckin' cants. Must go for a slash.