Thursday, January 06, 2005

Making it all worthwhile

Got a lovely email from Walt Simonson the other day. Apparently he came across my review of ELRIC: MAKING OF A SORCEROR, liked it, and sent it to Michael Moorcock, and then Walter forwarded me some kind regards from Moorcock.

Jesus on a tortilla, dudes!

Now, I like to come up with handy little metaphors for the comics biz for my friends whom I force graphic novels upon, who tolerate my eccentricity, and seem to appreciate the comics without ever becoming fanatical about it. These are usually based on the lingua franca of the rock'n'roll biz, which we all do share a fanaticism for. So after a while, I came up with this: imagine I write a blog about classic rock, rather than comics. I write a few positive words about the album Riding With The King.  Unlikely, I know. Weeks later, Eric Clapton emails you to say he agreed with your opinions, and passed them on to BB King. Through Clapton, BB sends back his blessing. Now maybe you understand what a big deal this email was for me. Its like Apollo emailing me to tell me I had passed within the notice of Zeus. Believe me when I tell you, I am currently a very happy bunny.

He called me "pard"! Just like the opening line of KING OF THE CITY!