Saturday, December 11, 2004

Worra load of shite

Just watched Ang Lee's HULK premiering on Sky Movies. Craptastic.

Proved my old point perfectly that, when making these types of movies, stay faithful to the original source material. That way, the fanbase stays happy. They generate positive buzz about the project, then wham! - it takes off at the box-office. This follows the other model: film-maker presumes he knows best as he works in the more successful media. Imposes own "vision" on project. Movie dies on its ass.

My main complaint with the way Lee dicks around with Banner's origin is how becoming the Hulk is something that just happens to the poor sod. In the original, it was pro-active: he heroically saves that kid on the test site, despite the knowledge he's going to die trying. This version completely leaves out the notion of self-sacrifice so intrinsic to the original myth. Instead, it becomes more like JEKYLL AND HYDE with oedipal overtones. Bollocks to that.