Thursday, December 09, 2004

The transistion continues

The hand-over from being a Red Hot Comics customer to being an Ace Comics customer gathers pace. I'm still a little confused by the process, but less disheartened. Biff and his crew seem like an efficient and capable bunch, even if their taste in music sucketh the big one.

Today I received a big box in the post, imagine my disappointment when it included only one new comic, THE ULTIMATES 2 #1, and about half a ton of PREVIEWS. Couldn't be arsed "Blogging the previews" (stick that into Google and about half a dozen fanboys are at it).

Thoughts about the latest Millar/Hitch meisterwerk? Well, my current downer on New Marvel means I want to dislike it, and I certainly resent the non-ironic machismo on display, but there's certainly enough good stuff to keep me returning. The Pym/Banner scene. The Thor/Volstagg lunch. The continuing greatness of Hitch The Bitch. Millar's dialogue zings along nicely. The fact that here's a Captain America who actually seems like a decent metaphor for the real America, rather than for The American Dream. As usual though, its another Marvel Comic where I think as soon as I've read it, damn, should have waited for the trade (or in this case, hardback). When will I learn?