Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Jesus, what a fugly cover...

.. on Bob Dylan's first volume of autobiography, CHRONICLES. It looks like a dodgy detective novel published by a vanity press. The typography is horrid. But man, can the guy write a bit.

Ordered this from work, hence the only getting it now, but I'm getting through it at a fair old pace. It sames strange that the authorial voice should seem so familiar, but that's because it's unmistakeably Dylan. Even the way the narrative skips back and forth in time and space reminds me of his music (specifically the lyric TANGLED UP IN BLUE, really). I'm not the biggest fan of the guy, I used to smirk whenever academics would mention him in lists of their favourite poets, but I'm really impressed by the prose writing. Crisp, evocative, and classically American. Salinger-esque, even, given much of the subject matter.

And also the best book about musicians I've read since McDonagh's SHAKEY.
Flakey bunch o' bastards.