Sunday, November 21, 2004

They also served

And some more quick run-throughs of some more crap-in-the-box I've read recently.

The TEEN TITANS/LEGION special: nothing special about it. I keep giving Geoff Johns a chance, and I know he has his fans, but his work is just superhero sludge. Besides, writing off the latest iteration of the Legion in a Teen Titans comic is as big a faux pas as getting one of The Defenders in to sort out your big Avengers finale, as Bendis just did, the big tool.

THE COMICS JOURNAL #263: when was the last time I bought two issues of this venerable old rag in a row, as I just did? God knows, but they're still banging on about the same crap! Give SUPERMAN back to the Shusters! Return Kirby's artwork! Marvel bad! Fantagraphics good!
The main thing is, their tentpole interviews have been unmissable lately, last issue's Toth and this issue's Brubaker. Great stuff.

EVEN MORE FUND COMICS: felt good giving to the CBLDF, but the book itself was more miss than hit, unfortunately, which is the only way to judge an anthology.
CATWOMAN #35&36: I love Brubaker, but you can see why he bailed recently - heavy Bat-book editorial interference, and an incompatible artist. But I'm sure the guy is far too professional to ever say so.

THE NEW FRONTIER #6: Sure, its sentimental, sure we've seen this kinda thing before, but boy, can Darwyn Cooke draw real purdy.

BPRD: THE DEAD #1 - good start. Wish Mignola would knuckle down and draw more Hellboy, already, the lazy scamp, instead of fucking about playing the Hollywood big shot.
WE3 #2: god-like genius.

GOTHAM CENTRAL: consistantly the best monthly with that DC logo in the corner.
EX MACHINA #5&6: Hope all involved maintain this early high standard. Have already pointed out my high esteem for Tony Harris. Must admit, now curious enough to dig out more work by this Brian K Vaughan character. Must hit eBay.
100 BULLETS: Fuck waiting for the trade, this comic works just as well as singles. Genius.

DC's SOLO #1: I'm not the biggest Tim Sale fan in the world, but I thought this format was a great idea that deserves supporting, so I got it. Can't wait to they start getting round to some of my personal favourites, namely Paul Pope.
THE MIGHTY THOR #587: I loved Oeming's HAMMER OF THE GODS, which made it apparrent the guy was born to write this title, like no-one since Walt Simonson. I don't think he let me down. Truly Wagnerian comicbookery.

And, talking of Walt Simonson, ELRIC: THE MAKING OF A SORCERER #1 - it's bleedin' apparent from reading any online reviews of this title that comicbook reviewers have no idea where this stands in the greater scope of Moorcock's work. Namely, though it is in name a prequel to the Elric stories, it dwells on themes and ideas that have emerged in the last few multiverse books, such as the excellent DREAMTHIEF'S DAUGHTER and THE SKRAYLING TREE. The guy is another god-like genius that age does not weary. The fookin' modern day Dickens.

JACK STAFF #6: I'm dropping this. Sure, the art's great, and every issue gives me a few chuckles, but damned if that's enough from the guy who gave us the excellent KANE.
THE INTIMATES #1: Joe Casey just might talk a more interesting comic than he's actually capable of producing, unfortunately, as I reckon he's a smart cookie. However, I can't see myself continuing buying this book. I'm maybe about 18 years older than its taget audience, for a start.
THE GOLDEN PLATES #1: As someone who knows or cares little about the Mormon Church, but loves the work of Mike Allred, I can safely say: "do you guys really believe this shit?!"
At least it looks good, y'know, for a self-justifying, nearly-unreadable tract. I'll keep buying these, in that "waiting-for-a-Dave-Sim-moment" style morbid curiousity.
THE WICKED WEST: Love weird westerns, love Neil Vokes. This was just okay, I guess.

AVENGERS #502&503: Not as bad as some message board trolls had implied, but hardly as epochal as hyped. Poorly structured, flawed at many fundemental levels (see above), but boy! can David Finch draw a superhero comic. Which is the real reason no disgruntled fanboys will send these issues back to BENDIS for his money back challenge.

The "god, I'm tired, round up!"
AUTHORITY MORE KEV #4: Garth Ennis really hates being asked to write superheroes, doesn't he? "Sure, I'll write some AUTHORITY for you Jimbo, but they'll hardly appear, and it'll really be about SAS nutjobs". BULLSEYE GREATEST HITS #2, Daniel Way proves he can do Ennis, and to top off his impression, he gets Steve Dillon to draw it. Not bad at all. PLANTETARY #21 - fairly weak issue all round. POWERS #5, still Bendis' best work. Bitching about Bendis on the internet is now officially old hat. Watch as I start a new trend next month: bitching about Mark Millar! What,
Johnston's started without me? Damn him!