Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Now, that's what I call fantasy casting

A while a go there was a rumour going round that Jack Black was circling the drain to be cast as GREEN LANTERN. This caused much consternation in geek ranks. They love JB, but they hate the idea of a Green Lantern movie used as a vehicle for his patented brand of lunacy. Fair enough. Stunt casting has been the downfall of many comics-to-movies transitions.
Now I hear another casting rumour for this movie, which is so perfect it'll definitely never happen: FARSCAPE's Ben Browder. Browder as a heroic test pilot who discovers a strange alien artifact that pitches him suddenly into a mind-spinning, universe-spanning cosmic police force? That's practically typecasting. Browder is so effortlessly charming and charismatic that one senses, like when watching Clooney in ER, that he's someday bound for big-screen Hollywood leading man status. Or else stuck in bad TV hell with Nathan Fillion. Damn, but FARSCAPE was good. I didn't watch it for nearly all of the first two seasons due to my illogical prejudice against Muppets, but then I saw just a couple of minutes of the episode "Liars, Guns and Money" and I was hooked: great cast, cracking writing, cinematic ambitions. Fizzled out a bit by the end, though, but then, all TV shows do.

And Claudia Black looked great in leather. Sweet Jesus.