Friday, November 05, 2004

My new favourite TV show... VH1's BANDS REUNITED. I've avoided watching this show for its first two series, largely because I didn't actually like any of the bands involved, either at the time or retrospectively. And, of course, due to my despising of VH1 in general. But last night I found myself watching a triple bill on Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ABC, and Haircut 100, and enjoying each tremendously, all individual little psychodramas about how relationships between old friends can deteriorate. The three bands all formed and split in relatively similar fashions (core membership of old friends graft on new members to form definitive line-up, release classic debut album, achieve success, crack up due to stresses from that success). The programme doesn't dig up the really dark stuff (but, hey! That's what I buy MOJO for), and instead tries to jolly everybody involved along to a reunion/reformation.

Happy days. Remind me to tell you how VH1's gawdawful flagship show, BEHIND THE MUSIC, led to me having a hilarious "conversation" with Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliot in a Dublin pub after a Cheap Trick (best live band ever!) gig.