Sunday, November 07, 2004

California, knows how to party

God, I felt embarrassed for Seth Cohen tonight, while watching the consistently entertaining THE O.C. on E4 (and like most who love this show, I must admit to being older than its actual target audience). Poor guy. Meeting his girlfriend's father for the first time, and babbling about comics.

However, most lovers of the show were probably cringing due to Cohen exposing himself as the lowest kind of geek to Summer's shallow cosmetic surgeon father.
Not me. I was cringing at the overblown credit Cohen (and by extension, the show's production staff) was giving Brian Bendis. "Lyrical, like Alan Moore"? Yeah right. Not even on his best day, such as the last couple of arcs of POWERS, before the recent relaunch. Bendis is good, but when has he ever even striven for lyricism? His mate David Mack goes for lyrical - Bendis does realism, prosaic not poetic.

Those O.C staffers' brown-nosing has paid off, I see - one of the producers is now writing a series called Young Avengers for Marvel.