Thursday, September 23, 2004

The reason for the bags under my eyes is...

This morning I'm feeling kinda tired because I stayed up late to watch the repeat of the first episode of DEADWOOD, on Sky Mix. I missed it on Tuesday because of a long standing appointment with gluttony at the Indian Food Festival.

First impressions? Well, it certainly established a mood (impending doom) quickly. Not sure it lives up to the surrounding hype, though - but then, what could? Plus, it's proving hard to take Ian McShane seriously after years of playing that leathery lothario LOVEJOY. In fact, it may prove hard to watch this show purely because every character in it is so damn unlikeable. "How the west was scum" indeed.

I'll put it this way: I'll keep watching to see how things "pan out" - heh, see what I did there? No? "Pan out"? Oh for fuck's sake. Its a gold prospecting reference, dumbass.