Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Been caught soliciting: DC, June 2011.

There was at least one surprise in the DC solicitations that came out this week: Pete Milligan writing Shade The Changing Man again, but this time in SECRET SEVEN, not an Enid Blyton adaptation, but a DC Universe miniseries that ties-in to their latest fan-gouge-fest.  I'll probably buy it just out of curiosity.

But artwise, there's these:

I can't stop looking at Guillem March's latest cover for GOTHAM SIRENS. It's beyond good or bad, I've no words to adequately express my feelings towards it.

Another Simon Bisley HELLBLAZER cover caught my eye.  I've been overhearing conversations on Twitter recently that reveal Biz is still a very divisive figure in the UK comics community.  I prefer not to blame the man for the rash of impersonators that polluted 2000AD for too long in his wake.  That blame should roll uphill to whoever commissioned their work, presumably in a blind panic induced by the realisation that the corporate golden goose had gone and pissed off to America.  This image shows that Biz is capable of quieter moments than we expect from him (y'know), and a reminder that he has a great capacity for rendering texture.


joe bloke said...

yep. love both of these.

I've never read Gotham City Sirens, given my aversion to all things Modern Batman, but Guillem March's covers on the series have been relentlessly gorgeous, and this one's gotta be one of his very best, alright.

& are people STILL divided over Bisley's talent, then? given the quality of work he's been pushing out since he got back into the swing of things, I would've thought the verdict would've been a resounding thumbs up.

fuck the begrudgers!

Mark Kardwell said...

March's work is as mad as a badger. Both men operate beyond normal folks scale of "good taste". Biz is a force of nature. The guy's initial impact created seismic waves, no wonder he nearly single-handedly capsized 2000AD.

Colin Smith said...

You're absolutely right where Mr B is concerned. No artist should be blamed for their influence on others, be it on editors or other scribblers. And it's a fine cover.

Mr March, on the other hand, is absolutely baffling to me. Exciting, and therefore a good thing, but baffling. It's not just that the cover can be both good and bad at the same time, but also because it's clearly composed from about three different styles at the same time.

If he's doing that consciously, he's a wonder. If he hasn't yet integrated all those influences into his own style yet, well, WHAT is that finished style going to look like?

Mark Kardwell said...

Well put as ever, Mr Smith sir.

PJ Holden said...

Biz's cover is clearly a nod back to Glen Fabry's cover -