Thursday, July 24, 2008

WATCHMEN go emo.

Just thinking out loud here, but have any comicbook movies ever had a great soundtrack, bar John Williams' for Donner's SUPERMAN? I know Burton's BATMAN had that great Elfman overture, but it also had Prince at his nadir hacking out crap like Batdance. Since then, I remember most as having nondescript orchestral work, lathered with plenty of bad metal over their various end credits. The SPIDER-MAN 3 album was reasonably good, but bearing in mind I gave up on that movie after about forty minutes, I don't even know if any of the better songs on that collection even made it onto the film. Is there a montage in it somewhere of Spidey making goo-goo eyes at Gwen Stacey to the strains of The Flaming Lips?

Anyway, I read this tonight and scratched my beard. Zack Snyder discusses WATCHMEN's soundtrack with MTV. Lordy.

In other news, I bought a Telecaster on Ebay tonight. Korean, cheap as chips, but with a damned cool two P-90s array. This purchase was heavily influenced by watching a live set by Carbon/Silicon on satellite TV the other day. A bunch of old geezers enjoying themselves, making a helluva racket, with seemingly no expectations at all. I can relate to that.


WJC said...

And I'm sure I enjoyed The Crow soundtrack during my paperound years.

Mark said...

Och aye. But technically, FLASH GORDON is a comicstrip movie, rather than a comicbook movie.

But in the immortal words of CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH, "I'll allow it!"

WJC said...

I realised I was on shakey ground but it is a corker.

sean witzke said...

Morricone's soundtrack to Diabolik! Also, the new Dark Knight ost was an actual score, unlike the previous 5 Batman soundtracks.