Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sketchbook Shenanigans pt IV.

I cornered the great Warwick Johnson Cadwell for a contribution to the I LIKE BOTH KINDS OF COMICS, KIRBY AND DITKO sketchbook right here, in the comments after I posted Dan McDaid's pair of entries. It didn't take too much cajoling, and here it is.

WJC offered up an example of what is becoming a real trademark of his, the highly unlikely multimedia mash-up (see also: his Hellboy/Bedknobs And Broomsticks crossovers, or this insane escalation of evil - what's worse than Davros? Davros and Hitler!): so get ready for... Steve Ditko's The Creeper versus Rondo Hatton's The Creeper! Embiggen for maximum coolness!


Dan McDaid said...

I love Mr WJC. And not in an entirely manly way either. He's the best!

Dan McDaid said...

...vs DOCTOR WHO and JET and MR T! That pic made me so freaking happy!

WJC said...

Well, this all makes great reading! thanks Dan.
And thanks Mark for letting me get a couple of pages in The Book. It was great to see it in the flesh, though a heavy responsibility with the nippers, cat, dog and wobbly coffee pots around the house.

Dan McDaid said...

I love the book. It's like Henry Jones Sr's diary - a thing full of mystery and treasure.

And you really need to do something about your wobbly coffee pots, WJC. All that hot coffee! Your beautiful rugs!

Mark said...

Never mind the rugs, guard your crown jewels!