Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pearls before swine.

You might have guessed from previous entries here that I don't really rate David Mack. I'm not one for baiting, starting fights or name-calling, so we'll leave it at that. But I loved this quote from io9's SDCC coverage, because it basically tells you what you could have already guessed: the Marvel zombies attending just might be a bunch of cultureless thickos. Hold the phone, what was I just saying about baiting, starting fights and name calling?

"The announcement that led to confused silence was Electric Ant, a new five-issue adaptation of the Philip K. Dick story of the same name by Kabuki's David Mack and Pascal Alixe that launches in November. After a quick explanation of who Philip K. Dick was to a subdued audience, Marvel's Jim McCann added that Paul Pope would be providing covers... to a surprising lack of reaction from the audience. When your audience has to be told to applaud, I'm sure that that's not a good sign."

Oh for grud's sake. Phil Dick and Paul Pope, people! Come on!


Dan McDaid said...

Doesn't the intense amount of David Mack slightly cancel out the awesomeness of Paul Pope?

And I like a bit of Dick (fnar), but honestly I would probably have reacted the same way to this news. It's just a weird, left-field choice, and not a particularly well-known PKD to start with. If they were announcing a PKD *line* with some top talent on board(say, Grant Morrison, Cameron Stewart, Chris Weston... and then Paul Pope on covers), then I'd be excited.

Matt Badham said...

Electric Ant is a good story, but five issues!

Now, five issues of adaptations of various Philip K Dick stories I would love, particularly with Paul Pope involved.