Monday, July 14, 2008

Jazz is my life.

I'm currently on holiday, except for Wednesday and Thursday when I shall be on STRIKE!

Today was spent in a shed in the middle of an orchard, playing guitar far too loudly for a man of my advancing years, with some old friends. Hence the blisters and metallic-grey callouses on the fingertips of my left hand, and the hangnails on my right, and the welt on my forearm where it rested along the body for far too much Johnny Ramone-style strumming. And the side-stitch I took from laughing so hard. Naturally, we've vowed to do it again soon. Maybe next time I'll even remember to take my camera.


saudade said...

Sounds so wonderful! :)

Mark said...

Wonderful, and glamorous!

saudade said...

The strike, or the shed?

Mark said...

Well, every time I report back on some guitar-based fun, I usually feel the need to go into the myriad medical issues that arise - Les Paul back, RSI, callouses, blisters, hang nails, welts, stitches. I feel it's my responsibility to let the kids out there know that a life in the rock'n'roll trenches is far from glamorous. Don't try this at home (unless you really mean it, maaan!)

And I didn't even bring up how chuffin' heavy a valve amplifier is. This must be why I see so many posh f*ckers clogging up MTV2 these days. Rock'n'roll is so much easier if you can get your butler to carry your amp.

Anyway, me and the lads are trying to figure out a way to be a garage rock band in our mid-thirties (I say mid-thirties, but I'm the baby of the band - the others are scraping forty), and not be a creepy bastard like Jason Bateman was in JUNO.