Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Even Eva Mendes' knockers won't save you now, Mr Miller.

Trailers. Must be San Diego or somethin' soon.

Seen this? Looks bloody awful.

Seen these? The HULK VERSUS WOLVERINE looks alright, given Marvel's track record with animation, and using something resembling the original John Romita/Herb Trimpe Wolverine design is a fun piece of fan-bait, but "Teen Iron Man" looks like something of a abomination. Typical of the animation industry - gut a license of anything resembling personality in order to water it down for as young an audience as possible, in the hope of flogging more toys.


sean witzke said...

You know what man, it doesn't look great... but Sam Jackson in a Nazi uniform is most definitely enough to get my ass to a matinee.

Mark said...

It looks cheesy, and not good cheese like Double Gloucester, Stinking Bishop or SIN CITY. Bad cheese, like cottage cheese with big ol' chunks of pineapple in it.