Sunday, July 20, 2008

'Couple O' Links.

Matt Badham's latest wheeze: Send Alan Moore A Fiver.

I am a grumpy old man, hence my response to the FPI blog's link to Empire Magazine's "50 Greatest Comic Book Characters" feature. I've got a good point in there, somewhere, hidden behind clumsily-phrased sarcasm ("One: god, but “list journalism” is lazy. Two: why should anyone put any credence in a movie magazine’s list of what they reckon are the 50 top comic book characters? It’s not unlike the NME publishing a list of its fifty favourite architects. You’d think comics and movies are joined at the damned hip, these days, or sumfin’. Sod that.")

*And the links can't stop!* SFX magazine's interview with Alan Martin, Rufus Dayglo and current Tharg Matt Smith about SKIDMARKS kicking off in the Megazine. Matt does mention something which popped into my head the first time I heard about this marriage made in Oxford: the possibility of Tank Girl and Judge Dredd sharing a cover together. Hmm, who could they possibly get to draw it?


Kevin Levell said...

Long-time reader - my first comment here.

Yeah, Alan Moore deserves at least a fiver for watchmen... I'd give him a fiver for it... where do I send the money, when do I get the first royalty cheque?

Empire's 'top...' lists are always kak!

Tank Girl/Judge Dredd? - Get me to draw it! Yeah, In my dreams!!!
It'd be tip top to see Hewlett step back into the comics arena for a cover one-off... I'd love to see how he'd tackle Dredd with his more 'evolved' style!

Keep up the top blog by the way!

Mark said...

Cheers, Kevin. Yeah, I'd love to see a Tank Girl/Dredd piece by Hewlett, though in the interests of fairness, I reckon Rufus should get first crack of that whip. If I was blowing the budget, I'd even give Bolland a ring - he's essayed many a classic Tank Girl in the past, himself.

Dan McDaid said...

The answer is, of course, Brian Bolland. Best Dredd, second best TG. Mark, contact your people, make this happen.

Also, Empire... God, Empire's f*cking worthless these days. I skip over the puff pieces, the tedious, reductive best-of lists and the advertorials. Which leaves Kim Newman, and nothing else.