Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comin' up, comin' up, comin' up, IT'S DARE!

Every now and then, that nice Jog guy reviews a comic, and goes and says everything that I think about it, and I link to it and say cheers for doing that, glad I didn't have to. This time it's DAN DARE #7.

I'll add two things: one, Gary Erskine, despite whatever nerves he confessed to having about this job at the start, did it brilliantly, and gave us a new way of drawing Dare that is suitably iconic without being in thrall to the past. Something old hand Dave Gibbons confirms with his faithful version of Erskine's Dare on the cover.

And two, I couldn't get through an issue with getting a lump in my throat or tearing up: for this series, Garth Ennis, the cynical old git, brought the heroic in spades. As I've said elsewhere before, it's surprised me since TROUBLED SOULS in CRISIS that a Northern Irish Catholic of his generation has portrayed the men and women of the British Armed Forces with so much empathy throughout his career. I know it shouldn't, but it does. It's one of the reasons I rate him so highly - he's transcendent of the petty crap so many of our countrymen revel in.


sean witzke said...

Dave Gibbons can do no wrong, that is just awesome.

Dan McDaid said...

I read issue one of this on the Virgin website and I bloody loved it. I much prefer "Where Eagles Dare" Ennis to "Pulp Fiction" Ennis.