Saturday, December 15, 2007

DOCTOR WHO speculation season to start again in earnest.

After this, it's bound to go rrrright off the hook. As the kids today all say. Innit.


Chris Weston said...

Please let this be true...

my choice for his successor? I'd give it to Don Warrington... it's about time The Doc was played by a fruity, old and talented thespian again.

Aside from being the first and long overdue black actor who would play the Time Lord, DW exudes the perfect amount of charm, experience and confidence to bring it off.

Mark said...

Reckon the Beeb think the show's too cool to give it to someone Don's age, these days. I remember thinking how cool it'd be, after hearing that Christopher Eccleston was leaving, if they gave the job to Bill Nighy, who was in the frame for the job at the time Eccleston got it. It would have been hilarious, seeing Rose's face, as this freaky father figure/lover was substituted right in front of her... for an infinitely freakier grandfather.

I've advocated giving the job to Chiwetel Ejiofor in the past. He's the right age, has the right kind of career profile, some cache with the Sci-Fi community after SERENITY, has bags of charisma, and the right kind of quirk.