Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vote early, vote often.

If, like me, Dan McDaid is your favourite in the CBR Comic Book Idol competition, go over to this thread at their forums and vote for him (you may have to register first). And if you don't give two hoots, do it anyway as a favour to me.


Dan McDaid said...

Mucho thanks, Mark. I don't think I'm gonna win the first round (other people just have more friends than me... that's cool), but I'm pretty sure I'm going through to the next one. Can you believe Jose Holder is so far down the ranking though? That's just not right...!

Mark said...

Yeah, Holder has a great sensibility. His pages reminded me of all those groovy Spanish and Philipino types who used to work for IPC and DC in the '70s, Jesus Redondo et al.

Still, you seem popular with the judges, even the ones I thought might skew towards more standard superheroic styles.