Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Various bits of Rock'n'Roll Appreciation Society Business.

1. Thanks to a hiatus in the postal strike, I'm listening to Steve Earle's new album as we speak. Report to follow, in all probability.

2. Want to hear a few tracks from Neil Young's new album? 'Course you do. Nip on over to his MySpace page and there's four (likeable) choons set to (awful) photo montage videos.

3. Rab wants you to check out this video. They kinda lost me at the gargling solo, but they recover well all the end.

4. Great cartoon (via Ig).


Anonymous said...

eh? rock out man!

Kerry said...

Christ I can't stand Bono. I'd like to slap his sanctimonious,fat little face until his shades fall off. And then I'd stamp on them. And laugh.

Mark said...

"The Ocean" = Pagey's finest moment.

Mark said...

Steve Earle - WASHINGTON SQUARE SERENADE. Not much cop. There's probably only two tunes that'll make my "Best of Steve Earle" playlist on iTunes.