Monday, August 06, 2007

preview of Darywn Cooke adaptation

Gives me the fanboy horn. I liked THE NEW FRONTIER, but I've liked a lot of other DC comics more. Think of the possibilities... A full-on YEAR ONE or THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS adap (with Mazzuchelli and Miller's bold linework, both would be very do-able, hell, Timm has already done a DKR segment in series three of his Batman show). But even better than that, Timm might be able to do what he's always threatened - a NEW GODS movie.


RAB said...

Ugh, a New Gods movie could only be a travesty for at least a dozen reasons. I hope and pray we never see that.

One thing that makes New Frontier so promising is the participation of Cooke himself. Other things are the fact that the design of the book lends itself to the visual translation, the story has cinematic coherence, and they've made some especially shrewd choices on the voice talent.

Mark said...

I dunno. I think I loved just about every episode of Bruce Timm's BATMAN/SUPERMAN/JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoons that featured Kirby's characters, and would love to see him giving it a go in a longer format.