Thursday, April 05, 2007

that'll be the DARK HORSE solicitations out again, then

Another amazing HELLBOY cover, as usual. Frank Miller and Diamond Dave Gibbons finish the Martha Washington saga. The title rather gives the game away, though, dunnit?

Two great STAR WARS pieces to finish. The first by is-he-isn't-he-Irish man of mystery Killian Plunkett, the second by the slowest man in cartooning, Travis Charest. God, I'm a geek.


Anonymous said...

is-he-isn't-he-Irish man of mystery Killian Plunkett
with a name like that he's bound to be a spud-muncher!

Mark said...

I've mentioned this to a few Irish and British cartoonists, and while all will praise his work at every opportunity, none can say with any confidence if he's a fellow bog trotter, or just a guy descended from a proud line of potato niggers.