Thursday, April 05, 2007

Give my regards to Sgt. Fury

Fancy seeing an eleven page preview of the second issue of Dark Horse's surprise mega-hit BUFFTY THE DRAGON SLAYER SEASON EIGHT? Make with the clicky. Main problem? These pages are mainly in the form of double page spreads, and you can only see them one page at a time. D'Oh!


brightnoise said...

Hello there, love the blog.
I was wondering if you have anyway i could contact you as i have a question i'd like to ask... well its more of a favour really.

thanks for your time,

Mark said...

My email address can be located via my Blogger profile page - feel free to contact me.

Mark said...

Um, actually, I've just noticed it isn't any longer - probably something to do with the ast Blogger upgrade.

Anyway, it's m(dot)cardwell(at) talk21(dot)com.

saudade said...

I am loving this series.