Sunday, April 15, 2007

Brendan McCarthy update, slight return

An e-mail conversation with Brendan McCarthy is prone to heading into rather unexpected territories, as you may expect from the man's work. But when he drops some mini-bombshells and asks me to "spread it about", I'll happily oblige.

"I'm putting together a new story about two Bunteresque drunken Invisible Schoolboys
and their pissed adventures in Larvador, the hidden world inside the school's Tuck Shop.

I recently came across an old script I commissioned Grant Morrison to write, about 20 years ago, based on an unused character of mine called ULTRASIR. It's a kind of cross between the films "IF" and "The Leather Boys" and "The Invisible Man"... It's like Harry Potter and Lord Snooty on magic mushrooms.

There's a whole new 'McCarthy universe' brewing, I fear...

Spread it about! It's, like, TOTALLY RUPERT!"


Chris Weston said...

It'll never see print, Mark... and it will end up proliferating the same glorious Phantom Zone as "The Z Men" and all the other genius ideas we got a sneak peek at in Swimini Pupose.
Brendan can't tolerate working on a single idea for more than two pages... and that's why we love him! He's just got too many ideas to cram into one lifetime.

Mark said...

I dunno. If Brendan is re-engaging with telling stories through comics, brilliant.

But if these ideas merely take up a couple of pages in a post-SWIMINI book a few years down the line, then... hey! That'll still be brilliant.