Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ebay goldmine

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, (Scotland, 1979), those crazy cats at DC Thomson jumped on the Sci-Fi bandwagon and started to produce the digest STARBLAZER. Anyway, the title is notable for being home to some of Grant Morrison's earliest professional work. Like a lot of comic writers, Morrison started off drawing as well as scripting (like Alan Moore, Brian Bendis and plenty of other notables). As far as I know, the only STARBLAZER completely pencilled by Morrison was issue 15. In fact, it remains his only real professional pencilling job (one page in the penultimate issue of THE INVISIBLES doesn't count).

And guess what I just bought on Ebay? But no need to sneer jealously, my fellow speculators, because the same guy is selling another five copies. Just don't tell him I sent you. Or expect it to be good.


Pink Cat said...

Oh, really!!! Must have been the sand man?

Anonymous said...

Well I bought one when you flagged it being a GM fan - it turned up on my birthday but I'm too drunk to read it now - that being just about yesterday! Thanks for the tip - and for the blog generally - is good!
Another damn librarian
PS normally i read your blog when sober but hey - happy 2007!

Mark said...

Cheers, Adam. I got mine a few days ago too, and I really should write a wee review.

Anonymous said...

A wee review would be that it's good in a very nostalgic way. Reminds me of being about seven!
Apologies for posting when totally drunk - but the comment about the blog still stands, it is in my favourites - and it passes the time on a quiet enquiry desk!