Monday, December 11, 2006

comic booky links

1. Bryan Lee O'Malley has a new website. Eet is preety.

3. Sam Raimi is producing a new THE SHADOW film. Unfamiliar as I am with the original pulps, I loved Howard Chaykin's miniseries in the eighties, along with the Andy Helfer/Bill Sienkiewicz/Kyle Baker ongoing that spun off from it. In fact, I'd say that Helfer & Baker's second annual from that series is one of my favourite comics of all-time. Not that I'd expect the movie to be anything like those: another case of comics being a smarter, more sophisticated form of storytelling than mainstream cinema, I'm afraid.

4. CBDLF auction over at Ebay. Buy Frank Miller's stool. No, not that kind of stool, you pervert!


geoff said...

frank miller's stool? they're having an effing laugh. they'll be selling the nails from jesus' cross come easter mate.