Sunday, November 05, 2006

more NEIL YOUNG news

After some indecision on my part, it looks like I'll be buying the first in Neil Young's archive series, CRAZY HORSE AT THE FILLMORE 1970, after all. Like Neil's last few records, it'll be available in an edition with a DVD, with some groovy added content that has made up my mind. This time, the music will be reset to a montage of Joel Bernstein's fabulous photography. Jimmy McDonough made a fair point in his book SHAKEY - why hasn't anybody stuck out a great big hardback monograph of the guy's work? Y'know, someone like the geniuses at Genesis Publications?

Anyhoo, there's a trailer up for the DVD, showing Young and Bernstein's process for putting the project together, here.


squinner said...

Check this out
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geoff said...

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