Friday, November 17, 2006

hey, cheapskates! over here!

Free comics, after this link! And not crappy ones, either - it's the good stuff!


quinner said...

mc5 at the empire
am i correct
playing live
well whats left of them

Mark said...

OOh! If I see the MC5, I've collected the full set (of reformed American punk legends)!

geoff said...

fifteen effing quid! i'm more likely to see the ramones tribute band a night or two previous in the common rooms than pay 15 to see a band minus (correct me if i'm wrong) two key members.

i mean, mark arm on vocals?! i've seen mudhoney and they were dead on - but he's hardly rob tyner! and some sh!t ex-sister of mercy doing sonic smith?!

fcuk, i'm just as angry in middle-age as i was when i was a young man.