Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dave Cockrum versus The Daleks

There's been plenty of tributes flying around the comics blogosphere for Dave Cockrum since his untimely death. The lads and lasses at the often annoying, always entertaining Scans Daily have been particularly on the ball about this, especially this 'un: Cockrum's lesser spotted Doctor Who illustrations from Marvel USA's reprints of the Pat Mills/John Wagner/Dave Gibbons stuff from their UK branch.

Cockrum was always essentially a science fiction artist, his best work was his short stint on the Legion in the early seventies, and his first run on the X-Men usually involved them finding themselves off-planet for one reason or another (battling Sentinels on space stations; Professor X getting it on with aliens; Cyclops meeting his space pirate daddy and his Star Jammers; fighting the Legion-analogue Imperial Guard).
This lovingly rendered Davros and The Daleks piece again shows his obvious enthusiasm for the genre.


saudade said...

Neil Gaiman has a pretty good tribute on his blog too.

Mark said...

I'd pretty much agree with Neil on this one: though my tastes moved on, my inner 12 year old is very sad to see Cockrum go so early.

geoff said...

them pictures went down a treat. just having a duke (the tinternet's a bit slow tonight - maybe i've broke it).