Monday, November 20, 2006

Beta Blocker

Like everyone else who's made the move over to Blogger beta, I'm finding it a blessing and a curse. Some things work all the time; somethings work some of the time; and some things are infuriatingly absent. The blog is looking increasingly how I want it to look, yet agonisingly not quite what I want due to some bugs in the w.y.s.i.w.y.g. layout editor. And some things are a complete friggin' mystery. Look at the little picture of me in the right sidebar. See how it says "Northern Ireland, GB" beside it? It's doing that entirely of its own volition. Last time I checked, Northern Ireland was still in the United Kingdom, but has not been part of "Great Britain" since the Ice Age. So that's, what, 15 thousand years out of date, then?


Anonymous said...

Fresh clones are more apt to be obedient. They're igfnornant and are apt not to understand how things are. They turn them over frequently to ensure obedience is maintained in a critical role (Giannini) and to ensure each gets only the minimal time possible.
The disfavored get fucked:::they get decieved which justifies forcing it with Artificial Intelligence, which is why my family complies.
But I think it is now, once they reveal the truth, that they incurr severe damage, for if they don't do the right thing now they hurt themselves very badly.

geoff said...

on the subject of "artificial intelligence". are you a cut and paste spammer or using a robot?

Anonymous said...

oh, and there's probably a faq or phpbb2 out there somewhere with the answer to that "northern ireland, gb" thing.

Mark said...

I am the Walrus, koo-kooka-choob.