Friday, November 10, 2006

Alan Moore to appear on THE SIMPSONS

Howzat for crossing over?


redlib said...

I likey the new pic. Better than the scary light out of facial orifices you had!

saudade said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up. Now I wish I had a TV. Oh wait, thank god for Gootube.

Have you had a chance to take a look at his Lost Girls? The three book set looks beautiful.

Mark said...

Officially unavailable in the U.K., just seen a few pages in The Comics Journal. I'll give it a while - might spring for it if it goes into paperback eventually.

I liked the glowy eyes pic, dammit. I thought it was funny.

saudade said...

Well, if you're jonesing, you can always get this American to pick it up for you (with a nice bookstore discount!) and ship it. Pounds sterling to US dollar is a pretty good deal.

I must also put my vote in for glowing orifices, though the new pic gets four stars.

geoff said...

alan moore knows the score